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The Association of Mathematics Education Teachers

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Do you work in pre- or in-service teacher education? Does your interest lie with mathematics? If you would like the opportunity to share your practice and learn what others are doing then join us. 


AMET provides a community where members can network, share ideas and discuss issues, particularly in the context of new government and inspection initiatives. AMET run a series of webinars and an annual conference. Members receive email updates informing them of developments in the mathematics education world. Through AMET, members’ voices can be heard in national forums, such as the Joint Mathematics Council (JMC) and the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Teaching Profession.  


We are the voice for mathematics teacher education in the UK. Your joining us will increase our strength as representatives of the majority of those working in mathematics teacher education.

New Mathematics Subject Association

The five classroom-facing mathematics subject associations: AMET, ATM, MA, NAMA and NANAMIC have been exploring the formation of a new mathematics organisation that would incorporate all their members. Documents related to this can be found on the Membership page.

Social Justice in Mathematics

During her webinar Balbir Kaur set up a Jamboard for us to share ideas about social justice and decolonising the mathematics curriculum in ITE. Please continue to contribute your ideas.


Following the thought-provoking series on social justice, some members might be interested in collaborating in research.  If anyone would like to join a Special Interest Group, and perhaps do some Lesson Study work, please let us know.  Fiona Curtis is keen to do more to support people who are unfamiliar with UK school culture in their early days of training, perhaps by gathering case studies from people with similar experiences.  Please contact Fiona if this is something you would like to contribute towards.


Happy 25th Birthday NRICH!

The world needs more people who can think mathematically to solve its mounting problems. This is what drives the researchers behind NRICH, Cambridge’s flagship maths outreach project.


Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, NRICH spent the last two years in emergency rescue mode, helping learners in Covid-19 lockdown. At one point, its online resources ( were attracting over a million page views per week. With thousands of specially designed free online resources, NRICH is aimed at every stage of early years, primary and secondary school education and provides specialist training and notes for teachers to help them maximise their impact in the classroom.


In this newly released content, NRICH’s Director Dr Ems Lord reflects on the project’s origins, development and philosophy as a collaboration between researchers in the faculties of Maths and Education. With Mark Dawes, an experienced maths teacher at Comberton Village College, and Professors Colm-Cille Caulfield and Julia Gog, Lord also explains the difference between using maths to pass an exam and thinking like a mathematician to solve the problems we face in everyday life.




Twitter: @nrichmaths @FacultyMaths @CamEdFac @Cambridge_Uni #ItTakesImagination


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Upcoming webinars

Wednesday 13th July 4 - 5 p.m. we will be sharing practice and positive Ofsted experiences. If you would like to contribute please contact us.

If there are any speakers or topics you would like featured in future webinars please let us know! 





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