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Do you work in pre- or in-service teacher education? Does your interest lie with mathematics? If you would like the opportunity to share your practice and learn what others are doing then join us. 


AMET provides a community where members can network, share ideas and discuss issues, particularly in the context of new government and inspection initiatives. AMET run a series of webinars and an annual conference. Members receive email updates informing them of developments in the mathematics education world. Through AMET, members’ voices can be heard in national forums, such as the Joint Mathematics Council (JMC) and the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Teaching Profession.  


We are the voice for mathematics teacher education in the UK. Your joining us will increase our strength as representatives of the majority of those working in mathematics teacher education.

Responding to Ofsted Mathematics Review

ATM recently published some articles related to the Ofsted Mathematics Review that they have made freely available:

Reviewing the Review

How research findings can be used to inform educational practice and what can go wrong


There was also another piece in Schools Week: 

Ofsted's maths research review could lead to poorer teaching


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Upcoming webinars

Following our webinar with Tony Cotton on Creating a socially just mathematics curriculum, we are intending to have a practical session where we work on materials for social jjustice in mathematics in the new year. Date to follow. 

2022 Conference

Plans are under way for the next joint NAMA / AMET Conference on the 25th & 26th March 2022. We have having some difficulties with the venue so this will be confirmed llater.


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